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April 26, 2012
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here’s the latest and greatest from “whatever works”, one of my all time favorite catalogs of totally useless consumer products. it’s a wrist cell phone holder! nothing says genius like this patented little mesh piece of fabric that secures a clunky phone to your wrist. keep my iphone in my purse? my pocket? my hand? no thank you!! i want to ensure that i 1. never actually use the phone 2. slightly restrict wrist mobility 3. never go on another date.

it comes in black and pink. and it’s in stock.

hey, whatever works.

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you are not going to “like” this

April 19, 2012
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it amazes me that some people still post to facebook daily. sure, we all went through the manic phase of friending everyone from the hot guy in home room that you never said one word to…to the friend of a friend of an ex-friend that you met at a Frey concert. and then came the status update explosion, turning even the shy-est of the shy into an online exhibitionist. followed, of course, by stalking (or “research” as my friend and i called it). and if you were gullible enough to think the “who’s viewed my profile” feature was an actual feature, well you quickly learned your lesson. then there was the pain and annoyance that surfaced when you only found 10 new items in your feed after refreshing your browser. followed by the realization that this unhealthy obsession was wasting precious time that could be spent reading amazing blogs about nothing. this forced you to deactivate, thus feeling better about the world. but just for old times sake, you re-activate 3 months later only to find that time has all but stood still on planet facebook…except babies are getting bigger, spotify has replaced pandora, and george zimmerman articles are now few and far between.

anyway, i am amazed some people are still at it. i imagined it would be like the electric keyboard phase i went through when i was 8. how quickly an obsession can become a forgotten little electronic device collecting dust in the attic. (side note: now had i been forced to take piano lessons and learn how to read music maybe i would be in some kick ass synth indie pop band, but…i’m not. Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge was merely a fun phrase that earned me a “check” in music class. thanks mom and dad.)

these facebookers are negating the theory that the our brain bandwidth / attention span is exponentially decreasing, and might eventually become extinct. i am so confused. i thought that’s why everyone needed adderall? maybe they’re just taking it for fun.

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intellectual headache

April 6, 2012
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i just finished a 2-day all day training for LAW Prediscovery Electronic Discovery Certification, which is a fancy word for “blistering headache”.  thank god i found this in my medicine closet…

intellectual headache

"tension headache associated with intellectual fatigue"

i plan on washing a couple of those down with a hefty glass of malbec.  oh, how far we’ve come since head on (insert trademark symbol). “head on! apply directly to forehead! head on! apply directly to forehead!” (i love this product.)

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