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take off those croakies

July 25, 2012
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here is one observation from this past weekend: there is an exorbitant amount of croakies in boulder, Co.  unless you are cranking some epic edge (that is rock climbing lingo) or setting sail on a catamaran from martha’s vineyard, or i suppose if you don’t have ears to hold the sunglasses in place, i don’t believe you should be wearing these things.  yet i’m pretty sure i saw 2 out of every 3 people in boulder wearing them.  and i was not standing in line to scale the flat irons.  i was engaging in normal sunday human activity, drinking at brunch.

here is a man making good use of his croakies, in an appropriate setting

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POP goes the POP phone

July 21, 2012
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so, my experiment with voice comminication on a cellular device was very short lived.  the recently purchased, precious yellow POP phone went POP!  evidently, these little products can’t survive the 2 foot drop from couch to floor.  i’m torn between writing a letter to the manufacturer or forking over 20 bucks for a new one.  customer-is-always right satisfaction vs. instant gratification. maybe both. you can never have too many POP phones around.  especially when they break after a week.

R.I.P…sleep softly, little man

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just another dumpster-dive

July 3, 2012
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in case you were wondering what happens when you do some late night dumpster-diving…let me just inform you: 

jenga truth or dare pieces end up taking occupancy in your apt.  at the time, naturally, it seemed like a brilliant find.  and how dare someone disrespect the Parker Brothers that way.  so they found a new home, temporarily, until i come to terms with the fact that i was actually born during the Jimmy Carter presidency.

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