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no more post-its

October 4, 2012
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so i have embarked on a bit of a personal sebbatical, but the original plan of going to midcoast Maine to work and relax in peaceful solitude backfired when i found myself carless.  so i am “crashing” at my mother’s condo in NH.  anyway, the days (when i am home alone working) are nice and the nights generally require a wine/xanax cockail, especially Mondays and Tuesdays when Dancing With The Stars is on.

anyway, i think my mother uses more post-its than most corporate offices.  little notes all over the house, with phone numbers, websites, names, LL Bean order numbers.  just looking around at all the little notes drives me insane.  i told her “no more post-its! that’s not the way to get organized. compile your important information in one notebook, or better yet, somewhere on the computer.”

last night she came home from rite aide with this: a pack of index cards.  me: “what is this!?”  mom: “i’m going to get organized, you said no more post-its!”  the concept was completely lost on her.

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