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a typical day in the office

July 19, 2013
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my “office” is a window-less converted fileroom, shared by all employees.  every day i hear every conversation, every conference call, every sniffle, most mouse clicks.  this can be mildly annoying during those rare moments when i actually need to use my brain to problem solve or compose a confusing email. when that happens i usually just go home, not to work in peace and quiet, but to water the plants or watch breaking bad.

it’s fairly entertaining listening to my coworker call her 85 year old mother on speakerphone everyday to find out what’s for dinner. or just to “check in”.  it usually goes something like this:

ring, ring.

mother: HELLO?

coworker: what are you doing?

mother: nothing

coworker: well are you thinking of doing anything?

mother: i was thinking of turning on the stove…

generally i only pay attention when i feel like it. i can ignore work conversations simply because they’re not interesting enough to listen to.  but today i heard someone leave a voicemail for the vet asking if dixie the dog could be seen tomorrow for an anal extraction.  having to think about what exactly an “anal extraction” even is was not something i wanted to think about as i ate my grilled cheese at my computer desk (but it doesn’t sound pleasant and i don’t envy dixie’s saturday morning).

i tend to take my calls outside of the room, but i seem to be the only one who does.

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all yokes aside

July 2, 2013
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i was driving with my friend, sara, the other day and she pointed out this billboard.  yes yes, it is definitely the yoke that makes the egg McMuffin unhealthy.  all that egg yoke fat and cholesterol, and only half the protein of what’s in the white part.  thank god for the egg white delight option.  one less cardio workout i need to do.


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