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disclosure: the views and opinions published on this blog absolutely reflect the views and options of the writer.*

a couple of things you should know.  this “blog” does not have any clear intentions.  the main only reason for starting this “blog” is to (hopefully) alleviate workday boredom.  sometimes your friends don’t particularly care for the every day, all day, relentless influx of unsolicited emails.  the world wide web doesn’t care. (it doesn’t even know.)

why the title?  for one, the domain was available on godaddy.  and sure, hipsters are easy to poke fun at.  the loose fitting david lee roth tank tops, the skinny jeans, and the burning desire to only consume canned PBR at loungey bars.  the very calculated manner in which they cultivate their image is fascinating.  irony is out and brooding seriousness is in.  it’s hard to keep up!

so anyway, i’ve been wearing the same business casual attire from The Limited since 2001. why look attractive at the office when i don’t particularly enjoy being at the office? somehow this logic works for me.  i’ll drink a PBR (among other things…numerous other things) but mainly it reminds me of growing up in NH where PBR could only be found in the margarine containers scattered around our vegetable garden in an effort to accomplish slug genocide.  believe it or not, slugs 1. love to ruin your carefully planted vegetables 2. like PBR more than hipsters and 3. are not great swimmers.

anyway, this blog is not about hipsters. or the alcoholic tendencies of slugs.  it’s not really about anything.  except maybe commenting on and exploiting everyday occurences.  how is that for a fine-tuned focus?  there is a reason i failed collegiate biology.  sometimes the mundane just requires a little commentary in order to free itself from its own confines.  and poof! we have a reason for this blog.

*all subject to change due to the very temporal nature of human preferences.

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