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5 tinder no-nos

November 26, 2014
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“it’s going down, i’m yelling tinnnndderrr…”

holy crap, how lazy and antisocial have we become?? we gave the concept of actual legitimacy and this is the way people are now dating.  we’ve invented a type of speed dating that doesn’t even require verbal communication! i can’t get over it. i also can’t get enough of it, it’s too entertaining.

yesterday i came across an overweight man with a tight bob who was dressed in womens’ underwear. oddly enough his name was also “bob.” it was a bathroom selfie (naturally). he was 4 miles away and we had a “shared interest” in Chase Freedom Visa. so much for ever going back to my local ATM. i’m now going to have to use that app where you deposit checks by simply snapping a photo. it seems so dangerous. but so does bob’s bob.

outside of the entertainment-worthy ones, most profiles just make my eyes roll.  the run-of-the-mill d-bag whose online existence is just a waste of bandwidth. i’ve noticed trends and the following 5 are some of the worst. they’re littered all over tinder. i see these, i roll my eyes. and friends, my eyes are sick of doing gymnastics.

1) the gym selfie.  all this tells me is:  1) you think you’re hot…2) you don’t have any friends who could just take a picture of you…and 3) you spend time in gyms.  none of these things are attractive qualities.

2) the fake mustache. maybe you drew it on your finger, maybe it’s on the side of a mug that you’re drinking out of. i still do not understand this obsession with fake mustaches. when did upper lip facial hair become a mainstream joke? wait wait, i actually remember. i think it was 2007.

3) the tribal arm band tattoo. i know, you were young, and they’re really hard to remove.

4) the cliche quote.  i had a big journal filled with inspirational quotes in the 7th grade. i read them daily and felt significant. that was many, many moons ago. but i’m all grown up now and i have thoughts of my own. putting a quote on tinder does not make you deep, it makes you unoriginal. and possibly stunted.

5) the bathroom selfie. for some reason these are worse than gym selfies. probably because you’re half naked.



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a typical day in the office – part 2

September 24, 2014
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let me preface this short story by reminding you i work in an old converted file room, disguised as an office, hidden somewhere on the 10th floor of a large downtown building. think tornado shelter.  or some other small space you share with others for emergency purposes only.

my coworker makes a phone call. i’m thinking “it’s too early for the daily 4 o’clock call to her parents to see if they’re watching Gunsmoke, it’s only 3.”

i hear her politely whisper “yes, hi, i’m looking for a book called ‘how to sleep your way to the top’ by jane miller?” ummmmm…!!!  (psst…cell phones and alleyways are amazing inventions for private phonecalls.)  she then calls three more booksellers inquiring about the availability of the book, hanging up on one before she can even get the words out due to uncontrollable silent laughter. i finally hear her say to someone “great, could you hold it for me cause i would like to pick it up first thing tomorrow morning.” so i guess it was not a joke.

this is hours after our ceo informs us the company is being sold in a month. let the rat race begin!

i can’t make this shit up.  all i can do is let it happen, spit up my diet mountain dew which i purchased from the “honor code refrigerator,” and write about it here.


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waiting for the phrase apocalypse

August 26, 2013
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i think we can all agree that certain overused words and phrases need to fizzle into the ether, so that civilizations thousands of years from now won’t ever need to know how awful and awfully monotonous 21st century conversational language sounded.  we haven’t carved on stones in awhile, so we’re safe there.  hopefully the internet will just power down one day, taking with it all of these expressions:

“i heart [something]”. heart is just not a verb. it will always and only ever be a noun.

“oh snap!” . saying this ironically does not make it any less annoying.

“fail.” or worse, “epic fail”. ubiquitous phrases will be the demise of the human race.

“awesome sauce”. i’m getting annoyed just writing these.  it would be ok if you are trying chalula for the first time ever and you take one bite of your carnitas buritto and scream “holy nuts, this is awesome sauce!!!”

following up a suggestion or question with “GO!” if this doesn’t bother you, well, lucky you. because it’s bothersome. this should definitely move to the top of the list.

“totes”. (acceptable when referring to a monogrammed canvas bag from L.L.Bean.) definitely the worst in the category of abbreviated words.

there you have it. hearing or reading any of the above is like stepping on kitty litter with wet feet. i think you know what i mean.


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Senior citizenship and baby food

August 19, 2013
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today i got a new membership form in the mail, the kind that welcomes you into old age.  what?! why does someone out there assume i’m 50? is it because i wear house slippers and feed my cats deli turkey?  this is just cruel and unusual.  hitting a new age bracket (and a premium increase) for health insurance on my last birthday was a real treat, but this is golden.  suddenly the mail surprise i received last week doesn’t seem so bad: i recevied a box from Gerber containing two cans of baby formula. addressed to me at my address. no baby at my address.  no baby en route to my address.

my mailman now thinks i’m a retired middle aged new mom.  what’s next?  coupons for 40% of Chinchilla food from PetSmart? i smell the beginning of a Saturday Night Live character breweing somewhere…and i’ll bet 2 months of my new magazine that she looks a lot like an aged Blossom.

granted, i would love to be retired right now at the age of 36, but my new financial advisor can assure you that is not happening. i would even check the little box for the 5 year membership (BEST VALUE), if only just for that “FREE insulated travel bag.”  but thankfully, i still have several years until i’m eligible.  and incidentally, several years before i can enjoy the luxury of temperature controlled travel items.

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a good day for financial advising

August 16, 2013
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so i had a lunch meeting with my new financial advisor today at the capital grille, a fancy steakhouse in Denver that i of course had never been to.  the only downtown lunching i ever do is at baja fresh, but that’s only when payday has happened within the week.  anyway, i considered driving my crusty old sedan with no air-conditioning and a crushed right front side (the only reason my bumper is attached to the car is because of a fancy string arrangement. string is what holds my car together). i saw the irony in valeting a vehicle worth the price of lunch and i made the better decision of hoofing it over from my office.

hi! i have $20 in my Chase savings account, can you manage my retirement, please?! also, my cat needs $1,000 in dental work, but i need that money for rent. i am definitely interested in where the NASDAQ is headed this quarter…

i enjoyed a nice meal, chatted about things i don’t understand, and got a ride back to my office in his porsche cheyenne. i’m happy to report that because of a bullying mother i did start contributing to a 401K in my early 20s, and after examining my current “porfolio” it appears as though i will be able to retire at the age of never.  which is really good news because my job is extremely flexible, allowing me to work remotely, and i’m guessing (fingers crossed!) they’ve got wifi in hospice.


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daycare bullies

August 8, 2013
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this is the email exchange i had this morning with my friend after she dropped her 9month old baby off at montessori school:

friend: When I dropped Asher off this morning, the bully of the classroom (a one year old named Xabi) was trying to put him in a headlock. Asher stuck out his lower lip and gave me a terrified look. Then his teacher Miss Jamie said “Xabi, we need to be VERY gentle with other babies.” I gave him a dirty look on my way out.

me: oh my god, i just laughed outloud at this [LOLs are strictly forbidden]. a one year old bully. how does a one year old put a baby in a headlock?

friend: Xabi basically got behind Asher and then leaned over and wrapped his arms around his head! And then once he was done terrorizing Asher, he set his sights on this sweet little 5 month old girl named Maeve and started charging toward her! Jamie grabbed him before he could do any damage. Bully!

me: i literally cannot handle this. what sort of R-rated video games is this one year Maeve old playing at home??

friend: No, Xabi is the bully! Maybe his parents should have given him a normal name and he wouldn’t need to act out physically to compensate.

me: can i re-post this exchange to the blog?

friend: Yes! Post away! We really should have an email exchange blog.

so, as poor little asher fights for his life at daycare, xabi moves one headlock closer to juvie, and the 30-somethings continue to prove that the invention of email has a direct (negative) impact on corporate productivity.


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POP goes the POP phone

July 21, 2012
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so, my experiment with voice comminication on a cellular device was very short lived.  the recently purchased, precious yellow POP phone went POP!  evidently, these little products can’t survive the 2 foot drop from couch to floor.  i’m torn between writing a letter to the manufacturer or forking over 20 bucks for a new one.  customer-is-always right satisfaction vs. instant gratification. maybe both. you can never have too many POP phones around.  especially when they break after a week.

R.I.P…sleep softly, little man

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