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daycare bullies | August 8, 2013

this is the email exchange i had this morning with my friend after she dropped her 9month old baby off at montessori school:

friend: When I dropped Asher off this morning, the bully of the classroom (a one year old named Xabi) was trying to put him in a headlock. Asher stuck out his lower lip and gave me a terrified look. Then his teacher Miss Jamie said “Xabi, we need to be VERY gentle with other babies.” I gave him a dirty look on my way out.

me: oh my god, i just laughed outloud at this [LOLs are strictly forbidden]. a one year old bully. how does a one year old put a baby in a headlock?

friend: Xabi basically got behind Asher and then leaned over and wrapped his arms around his head! And then once he was done terrorizing Asher, he set his sights on this sweet little 5 month old girl named Maeve and started charging toward her! Jamie grabbed him before he could do any damage. Bully!

me: i literally cannot handle this. what sort of R-rated video games is this one year Maeve old playing at home??

friend: No, Xabi is the bully! Maybe his parents should have given him a normal name and he wouldn’t need to act out physically to compensate.

me: can i re-post this exchange to the blog?

friend: Yes! Post away! We really should have an email exchange blog.

so, as poor little asher fights for his life at daycare, xabi moves one headlock closer to juvie, and the 30-somethings continue to prove that the invention of email has a direct (negative) impact on corporate productivity.


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