The Unhipster


1. i ate a lot of steak-umms growing up. and microwaved chicken breasts.  the only thing interesting about this is that i am still alive at 35, functioning normally a mile above sea level.

2. i don’t believe in any kind of organized religion, but if i did i would say with no uncertainty* that kristen wiig is the second coming.

2a. *i wasn’t a english major, but i think this double-negative is acceptable.

3.  there is only one exception to the rule that all situational comedies with canned laughter are terrible.  Reeba.  i feel no shame in admitting this.

4.  led zeppelin was the greatest rock band of all time (“all time” includes the future).

5.  my cat is half human.  she switches from feline to homo sapien by adjusting pupil diameter. (i wikipedia’d the hierarchy of biological classifications to make sure that was the correct name of the species. it isn’t. it’s felis catus.  the more research i did the more confused i got. how can fetus catus be the name of “the species”, and yet there are 53 different “species” of cats.  again, science is not a strength of mine.)

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