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gangsters in hondas | June 14, 2012

i’m pretty sure i saw wiz khalifa on my way to work in downtown denver today.  the hip hop star was getting out of his honda (accord?), putting money in a meter (??). no, i’ve never seen him in person, but i’ve watched the “young, wild, and free” music video a lot.  and…dun dun…the license plate said: wiz.  i think this investigation is over!

it does beg the question: why on earth would he be driving a modest, affordable sedan?  it looked like maybe a 2001 or 2002, but to be honest i haven’t really been following Honda’s model style trends as of late.  i quit doing that back in ’95.  anyway, far be it from me to question his choice to drive a reliable, gas-efficient vehicle.  plus, it probably wasn’t even him.  toot toot!

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