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it’s a little dark out tonight (despite the solstice) | June 21, 2012

regret comes in many forms.  sometimes it’s a wine glass on your nightstand, with a corresponding emptied wine bottle somewhere in close proximity. but sometimes it takes more than a tylenol, a McDonald’s hashbrown, and a large coca cola to remedy the feeling.  hindsight isn’t 20/20, it’s a little roadtrip to hell, in a windowless ford focus with no AC and a radio station that only plays john mayer, heading southwest toward the realization that you have been making all the wrong decisions.  and once you get there, you step out into the ruins and breathe a sigh of relief, because you have arrived (at last!), bearing witness to the royal mess that you single-handedly created.  welcome to town of regret, population: 1.

yes the unfortunate part is there is no undoing.  you can’t go back and cork the bottle at a reasonable hour, and you can’t go back and replace your stubborness with thoughtful actions derived from positive realizations. someone forgot the reverse option on the transmission of the crappy ford focus.

as with every episode of “Full House” i suppose there is some sort of cliche lesson to be learned here.  and maybe this one is as simple as: get out of the claustrophobic vehicle, gingerly step across the ruins while trying to avoid burns that turn to scars, bid your farewell to the town you never intended on visiting, put The Lumineers cd in your disk man (oh wait, we can’t go back in time) and start walking toward a more desirable state of mind.  don’t take any pictures, but make a mental note to never revisit.

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