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this beat is technotronic | March 6, 2012

the word “technotronic” has not had a presence in my conscious mind for nearly 23 years (ggllp), yet i felt compelled to watch technotronic music videos at work today.  i blazed through the hits i remembered – “get up”, “pump up the jam”, “this beat is technotronic”.  it was like i was watching a 3am jazzersize infomercial. throw in a fanny pack (or 10) and some mesmerizing kaleidoscope graphics and suddenly you have the ONE and only positive thing that happened in 7th grade.  just look at those peace signs twirling in the background.  how’d these kids pull off that kind of computer graphics genius?  my family didn’t even own our first apple IIGS for another 5 years.

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