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tips for a good night sleep | September 19, 2013

lavender is supposed to help you sleep, or so i hear. a lavender bath balm before bedtime will ensure uninterrupted REM cycles all night long.  but when you’re bathtub is the size of a large sauce pan, bathing for relaxation isn’t really a thing.  i could always use a little extra help sleeping because you can’t take Ambien every night.  i suppose i could, but then i’d technically be addicted to something and i like to pride myself as not having an “addictive personality” (except when it comes to smarties, gummy bears, or other similar non-chocolately chemically processed sugar candy).

back to lavender. i once had a friend who bought a bottle of lavender spray at Bed Bath & Beyond, which she kept on her night stand and would spray above her bed in the evenings. brilliant, i wanted to do this but i hate the parking lot of BB&B more than i do tossing and turning.  luckily i was able to find a little bottle of lavender spray at my local grocery store. for two months now i’ve been squirt squirting the magical sleep spray maybe 5-6 times above my bed, on my pillow, in the general vicinity of where sleep happens. it’s been nothing but glorious; it smells good, it’s soothing, i’ve been sleeping better.  yesterday, i read the label on the bottle, apparently for the first time.  it’s hand sanitizer. that’s right, hand sanitizer. in fairly large font. “spray into palm, rub hands together, kills 99.9% of germs.”  oops.

i haven’t been sick in months.  try it.

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