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waiting for the phrase apocalypse | August 26, 2013

i think we can all agree that certain overused words and phrases need to fizzle into the ether, so that civilizations thousands of years from now won’t ever need to know how awful and awfully monotonous 21st century conversational language sounded.  we haven’t carved on stones in awhile, so we’re safe there.  hopefully the internet will just power down one day, taking with it all of these expressions:

“i heart [something]”. heart is just not a verb. it will always and only ever be a noun.

“oh snap!” . saying this ironically does not make it any less annoying.

“fail.” or worse, “epic fail”. ubiquitous phrases will be the demise of the human race.

“awesome sauce”. i’m getting annoyed just writing these.  it would be ok if you are trying chalula for the first time ever and you take one bite of your carnitas buritto and scream “holy nuts, this is awesome sauce!!!”

following up a suggestion or question with “GO!” if this doesn’t bother you, well, lucky you. because it’s bothersome. this should definitely move to the top of the list.

“totes”. (acceptable when referring to a monogrammed canvas bag from L.L.Bean.) definitely the worst in the category of abbreviated words.

there you have it. hearing or reading any of the above is like stepping on kitty litter with wet feet. i think you know what i mean.


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